Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TIPS : How To Decide On Shoes Shopping?

Shoes demand the same careful consideration as other wardrobe choices. Shoes can draw the eye downward so take advantage.
  Tips ( Source : )
  • Wrong shoes can reduce the illusion of height.
  • The wrong shoefit can ruin feet.
  • Materials and poor workmanship determine overall comfort.
  • Shoe seams should lie flat and should not show trace of glue.
  • It's dangerous to wear heels of extreme height no matter how used you are
  • If you have fat feet, strappy and cutout styles are good.
  • If your feet are small, bright colors or colored appliques are good.
  • If you are in for a long walk, avoid squeezing into narrow shoes.
  • No matter how they look good on you, pointed toes may turn your nails black.
  • Leather linings can keep feet warm in winter and cool in winter 


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